Mark Levin: Make Scott Walker the Speaker of the U.S. House

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On his Wednesday radio program, conservative talker Mark Levin made what he called “a radical, but very rational suggestion”: Republicans should make Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Speaker of the House, despite the fact that Walker is not a sitting congressman. Walker just survived a recall election in his state.

According to Levin, to begin what he called an “80-to-100 year process” of restoring a constitutional government, it would be necessary to do something bold.

“Now folks, revolutions don’t just happen,” he said. “A movement doesn’t just happen. So we need people in place in positions of power to carry out the liberty agenda to reestablish constitutionalism, whether at the state level or at the federal level. This is an enormous opportunity for huge victories across the country and hopefully nationally so we can begin the 80-to-100 year process of unraveling the Leviathan and reestablishing constitutional government, the republic. Now is our chance. Now is our opportunity.”

And that bold move would be to place Walker at the head of the lower chamber of the U.S. Congress.

“I’m going to make a radical, but very rational suggestion — that Scott Walker at some point, if not sooner, then the next year or the year after, if the Republicans still control the House, be made the Speaker of the House of Representatives. You do not have to be a member of the House of Representatives to be selected as the Speaker of the House of Representatives.”

Levin said the idea had come up once before, back in 1964 after the assassination of then-President John F. Kennedy. After President Lyndon Johnson was sworn in, there was concern about the condition of Johnson’s heart — he once had an almost-fatal heart attack — and the ages of both 74-year-old Speaker of the House John McCormick and 86-year-old Senate President Pro Tempore Carl Hayden. That gave rise to the idea of making Hubert Humphrey the Speaker of the House, after his nomination for vice president, so that someone younger would be in position for the presidency if the need arose.

“My reason for suggesting this is because we now have among us a great leader — a man who has demonstrated he’s a great leader, a man who took on the odds and won, a man who embraces the conservative movement, the tea party movement, the man who is leading the revolution for liberty and constitutional republicanism in this country,” Levin said. “It should seriously be considered. I can imagine Gov. Scott Walker as Speaker of the House of Representatives.”

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