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Occupy Chicago keeps dream alive by throwing frying pan at cop’s head

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Whenever Occupiers congregate and violence breaks out, it’s just a coincidence. Every single time. Here’s another completely unrelated incident to add to the list.

Chicago Tribune:

Twelve protesters were arrested after a scuffle with police on Michigan Avenue at Ohio Street that left five officers injured, including one hit in the head with a frying pan, police said.

Gary C. Wagaman, a 30-year-old Michigan resident, tossed the 8-inch pan at a police line and hit an officer assigned to a bike unit Wednesday evening, officials said. The officer was wearing a helmet, police said…

The protesters had been using pots and pans to make noise during a march up the Mag Mile, police said. Those arrested were part of a larger group marching in support of students in Canada who have been demonstrating against issues including higher tuition fees, according to Leon Andersen, a member of Occupy Chicago who said he was part of the march but not among those arrested.

Using cooking implements to protest having to pay their own way through life? Makes sense. It’s not like they’d ever perform “menial labor” like cooking. That’s beneath them.

Update: Meanwhile, in Madison…

This is what disconsolate looks like!