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Rachel Maddow admits that Dems can’t compete without coercion

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Did Maddow really mean to say this into a live mic? Courtesy of Michelle Fields and Sarah Hofmann:

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“The Wisconsin Republicans, under Scott Walker, were using public policy to essentially dismantle public sector unions in Wisconsin. And that — however you feel about union rights in the country — it had one very practical, partisan effect, which is that the unions had been big supporters of Democratic candidates and Democratic causes and had had a lot to do with the Democratic ground game. So if they go away — in terms of whether or not that corporate money that’s disproportionately supporting Republicans can be answered — at least on the Democratic side, before there is some kind of reform, Democrats do not have a way to compete in terms of big outside money in elections. And that is the reality now in Wisconsin. It is the reality in states where they have essentially eliminated unions’ rights.”

“How can we compete without forcing people to give us money?” Well, you could convince them to agree with your ideas…

Ha ha, just kidding! Good point, Rachel Maddow: Your situation does seem dire indeed.

Is it November yet? 🙂