DeMint: Planned Parenthood in LA high school ‘a referral service to more abortion’ [AUDIO]

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The Planned Parenthood partnership with the Los Angeles Unified School District is a dangerous development, according to South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint.

Tuesday, The Los Angeles Times reported that Planned Parenthood has opened a clinic in Los Angeles’ Roosevelt High School to reduce the school’s number of unplanned pregnancies.

During an appearance on the Laura Ingraham Show, DeMint blasted the new Planned Parenthood location.

“It’s absurd,” DeMint said. “We would never allow that in South Carolina. But California won’t allow Marines to recruit in schools, but they’ll allow this kind of thing. It’s dangerous because it tells children that promiscuous, dangerous sex is supported by their government and their political authorities.”

DeMint said opening a Planned Parenthood clinic in a high school encourages risky behavior.

“It encourages a type of behavior that hurts our children and hurts their chances, long-term, in their lives,” he continued. “It’s a referral service to more abortion — which, we know the psychological damage that does to women. There’s no question about that. Our government is moving things in the wrong direction, and we have to fight back.”

“California is going to take themselves off the cliff culturally and economically, fiscally,” he added. “They are going to be at the trough in Washington wanting a bailout,” further noting that other states with common sense will not be pleased with the idea of bailing them out.

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