Scarborough: ‘It felt good’ to vote for Ron Paul

Stephanie Wang Contributor
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For Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” voting for Texas Rep. Ron Paul in the Republican presidential primary was an easy choice.

Far easier, writes Scarborough in an op-ed for Politico, than making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, for example.

Scarborough wrote that he feels good about his vote. Sure, he isn’t in agreement with Paul about many things, but he appreciates Paul’s consistency.

The one-time Republican congressman offered some unkind words for presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney, describing him as a “big government Republican who will say anything to get elected.” Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, he wrote, was a “pro-life statist who helped George W. Bush double the national debt.”

Scarborough wrote that he voted for Paul in protest of America’s “broken” political system. Despite his first “protest vote,” Scarborough remains optimistic that “[w]e’ll get there one day — and then we can focus on progress, not protest.”

In the op-ed, Scarborough did not say which candidate would have his vote in the general election, but did write that he “would never vote for a GOP candidate who was the godfather of Obamacare,” presumably referring to Romney.

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