Kanye West might have tweeted naked photo of Kim K. eating a banana [PHOTO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Noted “jackass” Kanye West may or may not have tweeted a photo of his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, eating a Chiquita in the nude. The Frisky first reported that the rapper posted a photo of the bare, broad backside of his lady eating a banana — the most phallic of all the fruits.

West promptly deleted the photo, but because of Internet geniuses with nothing better to do, the photo was recovered and will now live on for eternity long after we’re gone from this Earth.

But don’t get too excited. TMZ had to go and ruin everything by reporting that the photo is not actually of Kardashian, but of a porn star named Amia Miley. West supposedly tweeted the photo as part of “Wankster Wednesday,” where all the super cool Twitterers post fake news and to try and spread rumors that all the dummies will believe.

Not cool, Kanye. Not. Cool. You (possibly) tricked us all! First you made us think we were getting a naked photo of Kim Kardashian (which can be found by simply Googling “Kim Kardashian naked”) and instead, we get a naked photo of a porn star (which can be found by simply Googling “naked porn star”).

Kanye, you rascal! How can you ever be trusted again?

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