More attention will save Obama!

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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More CowbellSpotlight: According to the Rushfield Theory of Buzzdeath–that in the New Media environment, generating “buzz” typically produces a counter-reaction that leaves you worse off than before–this is a mistake for Obama. … Actually, rushing out a “major” speech on the economy is  a mistake even under the older theory that a President can seem desperate and overexposed. … Why does Obama have to win the week, or the month? It’s June! Obama doesn’t have to win June. … Let Romney take the lead and become the focus of press attention for a while. … But of course his campaign has a huge infrastructure of people who pay the rent by pursuing maximum attention 24/7. They are unlikely to recommend a zen jiu-jitsu campaign of strategic disappearance. … [Thanks to P for the tip.]

Mickey Kaus