TIME’s Klein calls Krauthammer a ‘smug, reflexive’ hack — Krauthammer: ‘Joe who?’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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In a Tuesday post on Time magazine’s Swampland blog, columnist Joe Klein took time away from blogging about his road trip across America to criticize Washington Post columnist and Fox News Channel regular Charles Krauthammer.

Klein’s main beef with Krauthammer is that he may have celebrated the legacy of former President Ronald Reagan too much by suggesting that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was wrong to say that Reagan would have struggled to make inroads with the tea party movement.

“A break from the road trip for one small quibble with Charles Krauthammer: he has now completely abandoned any intellectual integrity he may have had and joined the cult of Reagan mythmaking,” Klein wrote.

Klein went on to praise Bush, with a parting shot at Krauthammer.

“Krauthammer used to be an independent thinker, too,” said Klein. “Tis a pity he’s a hack, and a smug, reflexive one at that.”

The Daily Caller reached out to Krauthammer for a response to Klein’s “one small quibble.”

“Joe who?” Krauthammer replied in an email.

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