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You kids behave yourselves until I get back

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Okay, I’m heading out on a long-scheduled vacation. I’ll be back in a week. Until then, I’ll be in the glamour capital of the world*. I plan to watch my nephews play baseball, gasp in shock at the blast of heat given off by all my birthday candles, and partake in other pastimes that do not require typing words on the Internet. It’s been a while since I’ve taken any time off that didn’t involve either buying presents or having my leg cut open, and I plan to enjoy it.

Whoa, settle down. No need for that, now. Until I get back, there’s plenty of stuff at the Daily Caller to keep you entertained and informed. You’ve got Matt Lewis and Mickey Kaus and Ginni Thomas and Nicholas Ballasy and Michelle Fields and even, on occasion, Matt Labash. You’ve got guns. You’ve got whatever the latest Lohan debacle will be. You’ve even got news and opinion, if you like that sort of thing. There’s plenty of great stuff to read and watch.

See you in a week!

*Indianapolis. Oh, like your hometown is so great…

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