Obama seeking Ohio ‘mulligan,’ says GOP [VIDEO]

Neil Munro White House Correspondent
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President Barack Obama’s 1:45p EDT speech in Ohio will ask voters for a “mulligan,” claim GOP advocates.

“President Obama couldn’t live up to the standards he set for himself, so he’s trying to take a mulligan saying all he needs is ‘more time’,” said a statement from RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, that accompanied a new video.

“But we’ve already had close to four years of big government liberalism resulting in bloated stimulus spending, ObamaCare and out of control regulation that is stifling job creators at every turn,” said Priebus.

The new video contrasts Obama’s golf-course flubs with his failed economic policies.

“President Obama’s $825 billion stimulus didn’t work… [his] mountain of regulations didn’t work… [his] health care takeover didn’t work… [his] countless speeches didn’t work.”

The ad’s portrayal of an ineffective Obama complements a new video from Gov. Mitt Romney’s campaign that portrays Obama as out-of-touch.

“Last week, with millions out of work, homes falling into foreclosure, and the middle class getting squeezed more and more every day, President Obama inexplicably said ‘the private sector is doing fine,’” according to a Romney statement. “If President Obama can’t see that our economy is broken, how can he fix it?”

Obama’s camp, however, is also charging Romney with being out-of-touch. Today’s campaign speech, for example, is intended to persuade voters that Obama’s policies will be better for Americans than Romney’s plans.

That’s an increasingly difficult pitch, partly because Obama’s record includes record unemployment, debts and deficits.

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