Glenn Beck’s new target: ‘Glee’ [VIDEO]

Michelle Fields Contributor
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Conservative radio host Glenn Beck said on Friday that the show “Glee” is “horrifying” and he has a new project called the “Oedipus Project” that will combat “Glee.”

“A year ago, I was watching a show a year ago with my wife and we watched it like this [gasp]. It’s horrifying, some of the things that they’re teaching high schoolers. But it’s brilliantly done. It’s produced brilliantly. Its music — brilliant. Its acting — brilliant. Its cinematography — brilliant. All of it!”

Beck told the crowd that after they watched it he turned to his wife and said, “We lose. There is no way to beat that.”

Glenn told the audience that he has now found a way to beat “Glee.”

“We’ve spent about a year now trying to put together a push-back with artists, with music. But not the stereotypical conservative Lee Greenwood music.”

Beck calls his idea “Oedipus Project” because “the left will be making out with me and they’ll never see it coming.”

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