Meghan McCain supports legalizing marijuana, smokes ‘on occasion’ [VIDEO]

Gage Smith Contributor
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Meghan McCain doubled down on statements she made last week about legalizing marijuana, and told talk show host Wendy Williams Monday that she smokes marijuana “on occasion.”

McCain, daughter of Arizona senator and 2008 Republican presidential candidate John McCain, announced her support for the legalization of marijuana on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” last week, The Huffington Post reported.

McCain went on both talks shows to promote the release of her new book, “America, You Sexy Bitch.” McCain said she was previously opposed to legalization, but that her mind was changed on her cross-country road trip with comedian — and outspoken Democrat — Michael Ian Black.

On “Wendy,” McCain likened the laws against marijuana to those of 1920’s prohibition, and said that while she does not smoke weed often, her pro-legalization stance has caused many to reach out to her.

“All of a sudden, I’m like Snoop Dog,” McCain jokes. “I have all these people tweeting me going, ‘I wanna get high with you!'”

During the appearance on “The Tonight Show,” Leno joked that her support “seems very Republican,” but McCain said her new stance was influenced by living in Los Angeles, where where she was “shocked at how people here smoke weed the way people in New York pour wine.”

McCain says she supports legalizing marijuana for both health and economic reasons.

“I think it is a substance that does no more damage than alcohol does,” McCain writes in her book. “And second, if we legalized marijuana in this country and taxed the hell out of it, our economic problems would at least be temporarily helped a great deal.”

This is not the first time that Meghan McCain has taken a stance at odds with her more conservative father. She also announced she supports legalizing gay marriage, something the elder McCain is against.