Rand Paul: ‘I’m not a pacifist’

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Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said on Friday at the Freedom and Faith Conference that, although he is “not a pacifist,” he thinks “it’s unacceptable to have, and appoint, leaders who really show no reluctance for war.”

“I’m a Christian,” Rand said. “I’m not always a good one because I struggle still. I struggle with my faith and I struggle with my doubts. I’m not naive enough to say that ‘oh we’re gonna end war.’ I’m not a pacifist.”

“I think we should defend our country, but at the same time I think it’s unacceptable to have and appoint leaders who really show no reluctance for war or people who show glee at the face of war. I think we should elect people who aren’t rash. People who know that if there is going to world wars — it’s the last resort not the first resort. I think we need people who have a healthy respect for that and healthy respect for human life. Not only human life in the beginning, but the human lives of 19 year old’s as well.”

Rand also spoke about both the monetary and spiritual bankruptcy he said he sees in America.

“I think we really are in spiritual crisis as a country and we need a great awakening. We need a rival…We need other leaders we need to be in search in just not answers from Washington, we need answers from our spiritual leaders…. There is a sickness among us and we need to do something about it”

“We have a society where now everybody wants to divide up a shrinking pine. Point to you and say to you ‘youve got too much and we’re gonna take it from the government and give it to someone else.’ I want everybody to have more, but I don’t want to punish anyone. I don’t want to say ‘you’ve got too much or you’ve got too little.’ I want there to be more for everyone, but that only comes from a free society. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to do everything we can.”

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