Herman Cain: President Obama ‘wants to rewrite the Bible according to Obama’

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Former GOP presidential nominee Herman Cain said Friday that President Obama “wants to rewrite the Bible according to Obama.”

“This president wants to redefine marriage,” Cain said in a speech at the Freedom and Faith Conference in Washington, D.C. “He wants to rewrite the Bible according to Obama. I have an announcement for the President of the United States: ‘Mr. President, God gets all the votes and you can’t rewrite the Bible.’

During the speech, Cain also slammed the president for wanting to “rewrite the dictionary.”

“He wants to define fair and fairness,” Cain said. “Last time I checked, fair meant everybody gets treated the same — not the government pick and choose whose going to get favors from the government. So he wants rewrite the dictionary and change the definition of fair to fit what he wants to do.”

Retelling a story about a black critic of his who told him that it was “shameless” that a “black man would criticize our black president,” Cain said: “Contrary to some people’s belief, some black people can think for themselves — and that it includes me.”

Cain also warned the audience that “we’re going to be living in an absolute nightmare” if President Obama is re-elected. But he reassured the audience that in order to defeat Obama, conservatives “don’t have to convert all of the stupid people, just some of them.”

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