NC Dems select first openly transgender delegate to DNC

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The North Carolina Democratic Party put the finishing touches on its 158-member delegation to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte this Saturday.

One of the 158 delegates is the first transgender person to serve as a Democratic delegate for the state.

Charlotte’s Janice Covington will not have to travel far to claim the new distinction.

“It’s important to my community – to the whole LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community,” Covington told The Charlotte Observer. “We’ve always been left off the bus. Transgenders have always been the redheaded stepchildren.”

According to Covington, Obama has “done more for us than any other president.” WSOCTV reports that Covington’s selection received little dissent.

“I think that by being transgender and part of the DNC it shows President Obama is an inclusive person,” Covington said, according to the Raleigh News and Observer. “When I go to the DNC, I’m going to bring my personality and greet people and educate them.”

The pick comes as the state’s Democratic Party is stressing diversity, especially with its youth delegate selections.

“The people in leadership wanted this to be the most youth-friendly convention in Democratic history,” Sam Spencer, president of the state Young Democrats, told The Charlotte Observer.

In 2008 North Carolina Democrats had 4 “youth” delegates; this year the state party will send 20 regular and two superdelegates representing youth voters.

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