Dead dog receives voter registration forms

Meagan Clark Contributor
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Tim Morris opened his mail last week to find voter registration forms addressed to Mo, his dog that has been dead two years, WSLS Channel 10 reported from Bedford County, Virginia.

The dog, whose full name was Mozart, would have been 19 years old.

“I opened it up and looked at it and I just laughed,” Morris told WSLS. “I thought it was a joke at first and it turns out it’s real.”

The forms were sent by a non-profit called Voter Participation Center. The organization purchases mailing lists from vendors and told WSLS they try to check every name.

“I still have no earthly idea how they got his information,” Morris said.

Voter Participation Center targets groups like young people, minorities and unmarried women. Mozart would have been an ideal target had he been alive and human, as 2012 is the first presidential election a 19-year-old could vote in.

The state’s board of elections has heard cases similar to Morris’s, but they cannot stop the Voter Participation Center from mailing out registration forms because it is a priviate organization, WSLS reported.

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