Senator McCaskill claims Senate Dems passed budget in August, when they didn’t [VIDEO]

Hal Libby Contributor
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Senator Claire McCaskill said in an interview with the Quincy Journal that “the Senate passed a budget in August — in fact, we did better.”  Unfortunately for the Democrat from Missouri, this claim is untrue.

According to an official in the U.S. Senate Budget Committee, other Democrats have recognized that claim to be false as well.  Senator Joe Manchin said, “there’s no excuse” for the Democrats’ failure to pass a new budget.  Senator Mark Pryor said, “We’ve had three years with President Obama where we’re not able to get a budget resolution passed.”  And Independent Senator Joe Lieberman expressed that he is “disappointed” in Democratic efforts to pass a new budget.  And the list goes on.

In fact, a Senate budget has not been passed since April 2009, as noted by Real Clear Politics.

McCaskill continued on to blame conservatives and Fox News for this failure saying “this is Fox News and a talking point by the political right that we haven’t passed a budget.”