Sen. Lee on executive privilege move: Americans need ‘new President who will exercise power responsibly’

Matthew Boyle Investigative Reporter
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Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee told The Daily Caller he thinks President Barack Obama’s decision to assert executive privilege over Operation Fast and Furious documents should be a signal to Americans they need to elect someone else in November.

“I am disappointed with President Obama’s decision to claim executive privilege over Department of Justice documents relating to the Fast and Furious operation,” Lee told TheDC. “President Obama has a history of flouting Congress and ignoring the Constitution’s directives, from his unauthorized use of military force in Libya to his unconstitutional ‘recess’ appointments. His administration’s refusal to cooperate with a legitimate congressional investigation is the latest example of President Obama’s abuse of power.”

“As someone who promised the ‘most open and transparent’ administration in history, President Obama’s refusal to respond to legitimate congressional requests, and possible attempt to cover up mistakes made by administration officials, is particularly troubling,” Lee continued. “Voters should show their dissatisfaction with these abuses at the ballot box, ensuring that we elect a new President who will exercise power responsibly.”

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