TheDC Morning: Was Richard Nixon a socialist?

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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1.) Was Richard Nixon a socialist? — Conservative commentator Monica Crowley argues President Obama is a socialist in her new book (actually, she tells TheDC she thinks he would more accurately be defined as an economic fascist!). But if that’s the case, what about Richard Milhous Nixon? TheDC’s Jamie Weinstein (ME!) reports:

“Crowley, who holds a Ph.D. in international relations from Columbia University, worked for Richard Nixon in the 1990s and considers the late president ‘brilliant’ and ‘visionary.’ But didn’t he institute economic polices — like wage and price controls — that were in some ways more leftwing than President Obama’s? ‘Unlike President Obama, President Nixon was a capitalist who did not believe in remaking the very character of America,’ Crowley replied, admitting that Nixon ‘did institute some wildly progressive policies.’ She added that Nixon came ‘to regret most of those initiatives.'”

Hmm. Perhaps that explains why Obama is a socialist (or economic fascist) and Nixon would not be considered one. Or perhaps not.

2.) BREAKING: Liberals support Obama –TheDC’s David Martosko reports that Obama is getting money from rich liberals who support liberal causes.

“President Barack Obama’s campaign ‘bundler’ — big-ticket donors who combine their own contributions with those of wealthy friends and family members — include at least 138 individuals who sit on boards of charitable foundations or other grant-giving charities, a Daily Caller analysis shows. And those foundations include many whose grant making focuses on far left-wing causes that mirror Obama’s policymaking decisions. Those foundations, whose leaders include Obama bundlers, are on the forefront of funding liberal social-issue groups including those concerned with gay marriage rights, union organizing, abortion, immigration and ‘racial justice’ issues and opposition to energy from coal and other fossil fuels.”

Could it be President Obama isn’t the great moderate some attempt to portray him as? Read the whole thing and get a better picture of the characters donating and raising oodles of cash for the president.

3.) Hosni Mubarak “clinically dead” — Which means he’s not quite as dead as the Egyptian Revolution. That is, if it was ever alive — at least in the way Pollyannish commentators on TV believed it was 16 months ago. But back to Mubarak. Things aren’t looking to good for him, reports the AP:

“Egypt state news agency says Mubarak is ‘clinically dead.’ An Interior Ministry spokesman says Egypt’s ousted leader Hosni Mubarak has been moved from prison to a military hospital after reports he suffered a stroke and his condition rapidly worsened.”

In fairness, we were told for the last gazillion years Mubarak wouldn’t make the year only to have him to continue to appear as healthy as a horse (thanks Just for Men gel!). So TheDC Morning isn’t counting Mubarak out until dead isn’t modified by clinically.

4.) Conservatives can still DREAM –TheDC’s Matt Lewis opines that Obama’s unilateral immigration mandate doesn’t mean conservatives should stop pushing for a Marco Rubio-style DREAM Act.

“So I understand if Rubio has to table his legislation until after the election. But that doesn’t mean conservatives — those of us who support the legislation, at least — shouldn’t continue championing the goals. The natural inclination, of course, is for conservative supporters of Rubio’s DREAM to now change their tune. But to do that is to fall into Obama’s trap (and make no mistake, he did this for political purposes.) Earlier today, I reported on a memo being circulated to conservative leaders, warning that attacking Obama over this issue could alienate Hispanics. I’m not sure I agree with that exactly, but I do think the bigger danger is that conservatives let Obama’s support of the goals of Rubio’s DREAM Act cause them to reflexively oppose the goals.”

That’s seems like pretty good advice — that is, if you’re the type of conservative who gives a hoot about winning elections.

5.) Poll of the Day: Romney up in Arizona — Project New America/PPP poll of Arizona: Mitt Romney 49%, President Obama 46%.

6.) Tweet of Yesterday Eli Braden: This will be Johnny Depp’s 2nd divorce (his 1st was from reality)

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