Mitt Romney’s 5 sons talk pranks, campaigning with Conan [VIDEO]

Hal Libby Contributor
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Conan O’Brien welcomed GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s five sons onto his show Wednesday night. O’Brien asked Tagg, Craig, Ben, Josh and Matt about their feelings on their father’s decision to run for president, his pranks, and his love of singing. O’Brien even found time to play a quick game of true and false with the Romney sons.

In the playful appearance — the Romney brothers — their preferred group name, revealed their fears about their father running for the highest office in the country. Josh Romney admitted that “we are a little nervous about it.”  The boys agreed that having their father run for president would benefit the country at the expense of their family.

Conan also asked about Romney’s reputation as a prankster. The siblings confirmed their father does enjoy pranks, but doesn’t really love getting pranked himself. Turns out, the art of pranking runs in the family. The boys bragged about some of their better pranks on the presidential candidate, including a scare in a dark basement and a crank call from former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Another interesting tidbit to come out of this interview revealed a secret passion of Romney’s: singing; even stranger is Romney’s song choices,which include a tune from one of Will Ferrell’s old Saturday Night Live skits.

Conan even squeezed in a few “Romney is a robot” barbs and joked about the brothers all looking the same.