Reid steals Bryce Harper line to deflect immigration question

Gage Smith Contributor
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What do a 72-year-old senator from Nevada and a 19-year-old baseball phenom have in common? A new catchphrase, apparently.

When asked last week by a Canadian reporter if he would celebrate his game winning home run with a beer, Bryce Harper, the Nationals’ newest celebrity player, made headlines when he responded succinctly, “That’s a clown question, bro.”

The video went viral and now the phrase has appeared everywhere from late night talk shows to emblazoned across T-shirts.

According to USA Today, even Senate majority leader Harry Reid is invoking the trendy response.  Reid used Harper’s witty reply when reporters pressed the senator about President Barack Obama’s new immigration policy.

Reid’s response garnered laughs from reporters and fellow senators alike, and Reid himself seemed to be having a little more fun on Capitol Hill than usual.

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Gage Smith