What Romney needs to do

Mickey Kaus | Columnist
Not Insane!Not A Replicant! Mitt Romney, like Ronald Reagan, probably only has to pass a threshold test to become an acceptable alternative to a troubled incumbent. For Reagan in 1980, the test was to show he wasn’t an right wing kook. For Romney, the test isn’t to show he’s not a kook, or that he’s competent. It’s to show he’s a human being. At least that’s what I argue in a podcast with Jennifer Rubin. … P.S.: Note that this does not require that Romney show he’s a man of the people, down with NASCAR etc. No pork rinds are required. In fact, trying desperately to appear non-upperclass is likely to reinforce Romney’s more fundamental problem. A simulacrum can eat pork rinds, if you program it properly. … P.P.S.: It shouldn’t be hard to show voters you are human (if you are). Get a cold. Play a game. Sprain your ankle. Get jealous. Don’t shave. Throw up. Have a tape recorder accidentally capture you getting mad at someone or kicking yourself over a mistake or crying or worrying if someone is all right. Prick yourself. Bleed. Wouldn’t take much. It’s not like Romney has to convince this.
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