‘Double Rainbow’ guy doubles down for Obama, the environment

Zach Gorelick Contributor
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Internet celebrity Paul “I don’t know what it means!” Vasquez, who gained notoriety for filming a “double rainbow” from his California farm, is endorsing President Barack Obama and repeating his earlier calls for an environmental state of emergency.

In an interview with The Daily Caller, Vasquez said that his political ideas “are that we are in a state of emergency and we need to get into alternative energy. It’s going to come to an emergency — we should treat it like one.”

While Vasquez, who goes by the nickname “Hungry Bear,” said “I think Obama’s got it,” he added that “if I continue to become more famous, and if I got on TV or something, maybe in four years I could run.”

His platform: “We need to love our fellow man, we need to walk gently on Mother Earth and we need to connect to our spirit.”

Vasquez released a political video in 2011 in which he first said that the United States is in a “state of emergency,” adding that “we need to get off foreign oil.” Talking to TheDC, Vasquez repeated his statement on the environment. The rainbow, from his now famous “double rainbow” video, meant “that  I was here to deliver a message to humanity.”

“I’ve affected humanity,” he said. “Now whenever someone sees a rainbow they connect to me and my experience. The significance of this is that right when that rainbow came, I had just finished writing an e-mail saying how I felt like I was just like Noah — because I have my own farm, I have a well, I have fruit trees and greenhouses and I use alternative energy. Noah was a prophet of God who saw a rainbow. This whole thing has a spiritual aspect to it. I am here to awaken people’s spirituality.”

Watch the original Double Rainbow video:

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