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FMG Publications Introduces New Insider Tips Video Library

Mike Piccione Editor, Guns & Gear
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San Diego, Calif. —  What do you look for when shopping for a used gun? What’s the difference between a double and single action revolver?  Can you explain how to safely unload a 1911 pistol? FMG Publications has introduced a new video library for both novice and experienced shooters looking to learn or explain basic gun information. Roy Huntington, publisher of American Handgunner, provides good-natured commentary while sharing some of his insider tips across a wide range of topics.

According to Huntington, the motivation for creating this video library came from  the continued interest of readers. “I get some great reader mail, and many of the questions have to do with basic gun handling skills. While many Handgunner readers are accomplished shooters, just as many are new, or want to increase their skill levels and understanding. We created the series of ‘Insider Tips’ videos to build a library of easy-to-understand, quick videos to clear the air and dispel some of the myths circulating around.”

This video library will grow, encompassing a broad range of topics, something Roy Huntington believes will provide insight for both experienced and novice shooters. “From buying used guns, to understanding sight picture, trigger control, grip and even stopping power, our videos are a fast and fun way to get up to speed on a host of topics that are a ‘must-learn’ for any shooter.”

Huntington encourages readers and members of gun clubs and forums alike to spread the word about safe gun handling, “Feel free to post a link to share the video series. We need to be doing everything we can to provide support for new shooters to understand how to be safe, to learn solid gun-handling skills — and to have fun. Help us give them the tools they need to accomplish that.”

Visit to view the growing video library. In the upcoming weeks, Roy will be hosting a six-part series on handgun actions, followed by how to safely unload a variety of handguns, and how to properly press the trigger.

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Mike Piccione