June 26 Lagniappe

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Jonathan Tobin for Commentary: “CNN’s ‘Newsroom’ Problem”

John Gizzi for Human Events: “Tuesday Primaries To Watch: Utah, New York”

David Frum for The Daily Beast: “The Arizona Immigration Decision”

Allahpundit for Hot Air: “Oh my: Is Ginsburg writing the main ObamaCare dissent?”

Alexander Burns for Politico: “Colbert’s take on Mourdock”

Patrick Howley for the Washington Free Beacon: “Bob Kerrey’s Mission”

Nate Silver for The New York Times: “The Problems with Forecasting and How to Get Better at It”

Matthew Boyle for The Daily Caller: “ATF leader’s email could be Fast and Furious smoking gun and Holder admitted Obama can’t shield it”


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