Brent Bozell slams Chief Justice John Roberts as a ‘traitor to his philosophy’

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Conservative leader and chairman of ForAmerica, Brent Bozell had harsh words for Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts after Thursday’s ruling on ObamaCare. “His reputation is forever stained in the eyes of conservatives, and there will be no rehabilitating of it,” Bozell said. “He will be seen as a traitor to his philosophy.”

“If the swing vote had been Kennedy, conservatives would have been disappointed, but not surprised,” Bozell added. “But the fact that it was Roberts, I think, was shocking.”

Bozell doesn’t think it’s likely to happen, but also said: “People are already talking about the idea that he could be replaced as Chief Justice.”

Romney will be helped politically, “What it will point to to conservatives is that they need a good three man margin on the court. They can’t be satisfied with a majority, because you just can’t trust them.”

“Now comes the next step,” Bozell told me. “Either the Republicans honor their commitments to repeal this monstrosity, or there needs to be a movement to repeal Republicans.”

Matt K. Lewis