Los Angels Angels rookie, Mike Trout, makes unbelievable catch [VIDEO]

Gage Smith Contributor
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Mike Trout, the 20-year-old Los Angeles Angels outfielder, made an incredibly ice cream cone catch Wednesday night in a game against the Baltimore Orioles, Yahoo Sports reports.

Trout told Yahoo earlier this year that he made an agreement with fellow outfielder Peter Bourjos that there would be no dropped balls between them. He made good on that promise last night when he robbed the Orioles’ J.J. Hardy of what would undoubtedly have been a home run.

Hardy’s ball was headed out of the park when Trout made the leap and snatched the ball out of the air with the tip of his glove, hitting the wall of his way down. Trout’s epic grab earned a thankful acknowledgement from Angels’ pitcher Jared Weaver, as well as very flattering tweets from fellow MLB outfielders like Torii Hunter, who made one of the best catches of the early oughts when he stopped Barry Bonds during the 2002 All-Star game.

The rookie centerfielder is currently hitting .344 with 7 home runs and 30 RBIs.  For the impressive catch, see the video below.