Rep. Sandy Adams on contempt for Holder: This isn’t politics, it’s personal

Matthew Boyle Investigative Reporter
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Florida Republican Rep. Sandy Adams, a former law enforcement officer whose husband — also a law enforcement officer — was killed in the line of duty, said on the House floor that she doesn’t view, as some Democrats keep claiming, efforts to hold Holder in contempt as political.

“I am going to come to you from a different angle; one of a law enforcement officer,” Adams said. “I served over 17 years as a law enforcement officer. I worked many undercover operations. And as a law enforcement officer, we knew you don’t give guns to bad guys — the drug cartels, they are bad guys.”

“You know that if you let a gun walk with a bad guy, you’re going to see that gun whether it is at a crime scene, or you are going to be looking down the barrel of it,” she continued. “So when the attorney general came to our committee, I asked him: ‘Who approved this operation?’ ‘Why was it approved?’ And he said … he just wouldn’t answer, he didn’t know. Okay, well, what rises to the level of the attorney general if an international operation that allows guns to walk to another country, and are used to kill one of our agents, and used to kill and maim their citizens? Does it rise to his level of approval? Who approved it?”

Adams went on to say that Holder admitted “it was flawed from the beginning. And yet, we still have no answers.”

“Let me just say this: I have heard from the other side of the aisle and from my colleagues here today that this is political,” Adams said. “This isn’t political — to me, it’s personal. We have a law enforcement officer doing his job who was killed by a flawed operation that no one will take ownership of in the attorney general’s office.”

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