Snoop Dogg definitely takes ‘smoke weed everyday’ seriously

Hal Libby Contributor
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The rapper Snoop Dogg was detained at a Norwegian airport after a canine unit sniffed him.  He was caught with 8 grams of marijuana on his person, Entertainment Online reports .

The man who lives by the motto “smoke weed everyday” continued on his European tour because Norwegian law calls only for a fine for possession under 15 grams. Snoop paid an increased fine of $8,600 for also carrying an illegally high amount of cash.

Customs officials, initially ignorant of his identity, said Snoop behaved well and was calm.

Due to his unfortunate delay, the former Crip arrived 5 hours late to a scheduled appearance.  Once there he was confronted by reporters wondering about his tardiness. Snoop was not as interested and fended off their inquiries. “Man, shut the fuck up. I’m here,” he said, “Be happy I’m here and ask some real questions.”

“I was late [be]cause I went to go get some chicken wings,” he told one persistent reporter, “I wanted to see Norway up close and personal, and visit an old folks’ home.  I went to visit a convalescent home. That’s why I was late.”

Snoop Dogg certainly is not shy about his habit. He frequently mentions marijuana in his music and has the legal record to accompany it. The Daily Mail recalls that Snoop asked President Barack Obama to join him in a smoke-filled room to discuss legalizing marijuana.  Snoop commented at the time that “before I even said ‘Hi’ to President Obama, I would change the aroma of the room.”

In the end, we learned not to mess with Snoop. He shooed off reporters in Norway saying, “I don’t party… Get this mothafucka outta here.”