Democrats curse like sailors to celebrate Supreme Court’s Obamacare ruling

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Democrats filed Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare in their victory column, publicly celebrating the decision with smiles, cheers and… profanity.

Thursday night the President of the United States, Barack Obama, tweeted his pleasure at the ruling with the acronym for “Big Fucking Deal” — a reference to Vice President Joe Biden’s hot mic F-bomb on live TV, following passage of the Affordable Care Act.

“Still a BFD: OFA.BO/ayPgAZ,” Obama tweeted, with a link to a $30 Obama for America T-shirt that reads, “Health Reform Still a BFD.”

The President was not alone.

Earlier in the day, Democratic National Committee’s executive director, Patrick Gaspard, tweeted an even more forceful, “it’s constitutional. Bitches.”

Greg Greene the new media outreach director for the Democratic National Committee joined in, tweeting but later deleting, “Overheard in the office: ‘TAKE THAT MOTHERF*****S!!’’”

Also taking a light dip in the blue ink was a fundraising email with the subject line, “Let’s win the damn election,” signed by Jim Messina, Obama for America campaign manager.

“It’s been a good day,” the plea for cash read. “But this is a three-step process. 1. Pass historic health care reform. Check. 2. Get affirmation from the highest court in the country. Check. Step three? Win the damn election.”

The profanity has not been lost on the Republicans, following the salty tweets, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) sent out their own fundraising message, signed by Washington Republican Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, highlighting the dirty language.

“Right after the Supreme Court’s decision this morning the Democratic National Committee started celebrating – these are direct quotes: “it’s constitutional. B****es.” “TAKE THAT MOTHER******S!!” This is the party that speaks for women? I’m appalled,” the fundraising email read. “As a Mother, I fear my kids will grow up in a country where Washington controls healthcare decisions best left to Moms, Dads and families. We must get rid of this law by defeating the crass Democrats who support it.”

The NRCC later answered the Democrats’ public BFD sentiment with one of their own, posting a picture of Obama and Biden on NRCC’s Facebook Page with the caption, “This is a big f***ing tax.”

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