June 29 Lagniappe

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Jared Bernstein: “More on the SCOTUS Health Care Decision.”

Ross Douthat for The New York Times: “John Roberts’s Political Decision”

Matthew Boyle for The Daily Caller: “He’s in contempt: House votes to hold Holder in contempt of Congress”

Jordan Bloom for The American Conservative: “Six Takeaways from the Supreme Court’s ObamaCare Ruling”

David Frum for The Daily Beast: “After Waterloo”

Erick Erickson for Human Events: “Roberts Forces Us To Deal With Healthcare Politically — And That’s OK”

Max Boot for Commentary: “Entitlements Swallowing Up Federal Budget”

Jamie Weinstein for The Daily Caller: “Obamacare ruling: The liberal apotheosis of John Roberts”

And on the DMZ, Bill Scher and I debate the impact of yesterday’s decision on the legacy of John Roberts.


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