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Mayor Alec Baldwin and his pink teddy bear reach out to yet another photographer

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“I know you got raped by a priest or something.” What an interesting thing to say. Normally, grabbing somebody like that would be considered assault and battery, but it doesn’t count if you’re a famous guy who’s holding a pink teddy bear.

The NY Post has more about Alec’s day:

A short time later, Baldwin went out for a bike ride, barreling through on the sidewalk.

“You gotta back up there Rodney,” Baldwin said, belittling an African American photographer, whose name is not “Rodney.”

Baldwin then grabbed another shooter’s arm, while still on his bike, and said: “You gotta step out of the way. You’re in my way.”

Before vanishing into his East 10th Street building, Baldwin barked at a female photographer telling the “little girl” to move.

So basically, he’s turning into Archie Bunker but without the irrepressible charm.

Just a pink teddy bear.

Update: Hey, it could’ve been worse.

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