Nation’s four biggest newspapers downplay Holder contempt vote

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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While yesterday’s Supreme Court decision on Obamacare was certainly the dominant story of the day, one other important story barely got mentioned on the front pages of the nation’s top-four newspapers by circulation on Friday morning: the first-ever cabinet level contempt of Congress charges brought against Attorney General Eric Holder.

The lone exception to downplaying that story turned out to be The Washington Post, with a below-the-fold article and jump to page A5.

1 – USA Today – Front page tease, story on page 5A

2 – The Wall Street Journal – Front page tease, story on A2

3 – The New York Times – Front page tease, story on A3

4 – Los Angeles Times – Front page tease, story on A8

5 – The Washington Post – Front page story, continues on A5

The story also got very little play on The New York Times digital platforms, entirely missing from the front sheets of its online and iPad editions.


New York Times, iPad



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