Rangel: Obamacare mandate is not a tax, it’s a ‘fee for services’ [VIDEO]

Nicholas Ballasy Senior Video Reporter
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New York Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel told The Daily Caller that the individual health insurance mandate within President Barack Obama’s health care reform law is not a tax but a “fee for services.”

Rangel’s view contradicts the Supreme Court’s Thursday ruling, which found the mandate constitutional as a tax.

TheDC asked Rangel if he thought the Supreme Court was right in saying that the individual mandate is a tax.

“Well, I haven’t read the opinion but I’m pleased with the results,” Rangel told TheDC.

TheDC followed up, asking, “Do you think it’s a tax in your personal opinion?”

“No, it’s a fee for services,” Rangel replied.

During an interview with ABC News in 2009, Obama said the individual mandate that requires all Americans to purchase health insurance or pay a fine is not a tax.

When asked by TheDC if the mandate is a tax, both House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid did not answer.

“Call it what you will, it’s a step forward for America’s families and you know what? Take yes for an answer,” Pelosi said Thursday.

“I’m not about here to give you all a dissertation on constitutional law. The law has been withheld [upheld], and I’m very happy it has been,” Reid said.

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