French runner shoves mascot [VIDEO]

Gage Smith Contributor
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French track and field athlete Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad shoved a mascot following a race Saturday, and the mascot may have been a 14-year-old girl, Deadspin reports.

Mekhissi-Benabbad finished first in the 3,000 meter steeplechase in Helsinki, and was walking around the track following the completion of the race. The games’ mascot “Appy” walked over to the runner trying to hand him what appeared to be a congratulatory gift. Instead of accepting the token, Mekhissi-Benabbad slapped the object out of the mascot’s hand and then shoved Appy back.

Mekhissi-Benabbad had another controversial moment in July 2011 when he fought with teammate Mehdi Baala on the track, Yahoo Sports reports. The two men traded blows following a 1,500 meter race, and Mekhissi-Benabbad was suspended following the incident.