TheDC Morning: BREAKING — Elizabeth Warren still not an Indian

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1.) BREAKING: Elizabeth Warren still not an Indian — Democratic Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren claimed in the past to have Native American ancestry, but so far little to no evidence has emerged to confirm the claim. There is plenty of evidence, however, to suggest she doesn’t have Indian heritage. TheDC’s Alex Pappas reports on the latest evidence:

“Newly uncovered documents posted on a blog show that two ancestors of Massachusetts U.S. Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren were listed on government forms as ‘white,’ despite the Democratic candidate repeatedly saying that she comes from Native American heritage. Cherokee genealogist Twila Barnes posted census data on her blog this weekend that she says shows that Warren’s mother, Pauline Herring, listed herself as ‘white’ in 1940.”

This will only hurt Warren if voters think trustworthiness is a quality their elected leaders should have. Since we are talking Massachusetts, the verdict is still out.

2.) Another Solyndra — Todd Shepherd reports for TheDC on another epic government-funded green energy failure :

“Despite glowing press clippings in which the CEO of Colorado-based Abound Solar claimed seven months ago that his company was the ‘anti-Solyndra,’ the green-energy firm has filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation. It is terminating all 125 workers at its Loveland, Colo. headquarters, and is blaming China for its failure. The U.S. Department of Energy awarded Abound Solar a $400 million loan guarantee in December 2010, funds that the then-three-year-old startup said it would use to compete with solar panel industry leader First Solar. The company had tapped into about $70 million of those funds by August 2011 when the DOE unplugged it from the taxpayers’ cash stream, around the same time the more famous Solyndra went bankrupt.”

3.) Labash croons an anti-hipster ballad — TheDC’s Matt Labash doesn’t like hipsters all that much:

“It is better to be uncooly happy than unhappily cool. For being the former is more desirable than moving to Austin or Williamsburg or Branson (so uncool, that it’s going to soon be regarded as cool — just watch) so you can live out your days as a hipster malcontent. If everybody’s a quirky rebel, there’s nothing left to rebel against. Every outlaw needs a law, in order to have something to break. Every counterculture needs a culture against which to measure itself. They are, in effect, the parasites,  and you, the bourgeois host upon which they feed. You are just busy being you. Whereas, they are forever concerned with not being you. Without your ilk taking up so much unfashionable space throughout America, hipsters might choose to live everywhere, instead of in the enclaves that they flock to. So even if you do nothing else with your life, just for keeping them sequestered, a grateful nation thanks you.”

4.) Alex P. Keaton 2.0 becomes a hipster — The conservative world was shaken Monday when news broke that Jonathan Krohn, the teenage wannabe conservative pundit, was no longer a conservative. Actually, no one really cared, at least no one worthwhile. TheDC’s Gregg Re reports:

“Still, Krohn’s conformist embrace of nonconformism has won him fast new friends. By Monday night, Krohn was fielding dozens of new Twitter followers, thanking them for their support and aggressively offering a few the chance to take a peek at his newest screenplay … ‘Holy fucking shit,’ said an attendee at the CPAC conference who met Krohn before he delivered the speech, in an interview with TheDC. ‘The most annoying 13-year-old I have ever met. He was a braggart. He said something like, ‘Maybe when this is over you can watch me on Hannity later tonight,’ referring to the Fox News program.”

Fact: If you bought and read a book by a 13-year-old on conservative philosophy, you probably don’t count that among your wisest decisions.

5.) Poll of the Day: Plurality of Americans say Supreme Court’s ideology just right — CNN/ORC poll asks, “In general, do you think the current Supreme Court is too liberal, too conservative, or just about right?”: 30% said “too liberal,” 22% said “too conservative,” 46% said “just about right.

6.) Tweet of Yesterday rob delaney: None of your stores have pools. Don’t lie to America. RT @OldNavy: You’re invited to our pool party! Good thing all swimwear is on sale!

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