New Michigan law allows big, loud fireworks to the ire of some residents

Stephen Elliott Contributor
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After passing a new law allowing fireworks in Michigan, Republican Gov. Rick Snyder and some state lawmakers have drawn the ire of Michigan residents wary of the added noise.

The Detroit News reported the reactions of Michiganders via social media. Revelers celebrated America’s birthday, and the new law, by setting off firecrackers, bottle rockets and other loud projectiles in urban and suburban residential areas.

Residents took to Twitter and Facebook to complain about the noise to Snyder and some state lawmakers.

“We’ve gotten quite a bit of complaints,” said state Democratic Rep. Harold Haugh, one of the sponsors of the new law. “I know people don’t like fireworks, but they’re the same people who don’t like guns and don’t like cars that drive real fast.”

Haugh said the law was necessary to take advantage of lost sales tax revenue. Powerful fireworks launched into the air were banned in Michigan before the new law took effect, but residents made the short drive to Indiana and Ohio to purchase the fireworks anyway. The new law could bring in an additional $10 million in tax revenue.

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