16.8% of millenials unemployed or have given up looking for job

Michelle Fields Contributor
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New jobs numbers for June released Friday show that Americans 18-29 years old continue to suffer under the Obama administration with a 12.8% unemployment rate.

The jobs report shows that there are now 1.735 million young Americans who are no longer counted as “employed” because they have given up looking for a job and have left the labor force all together.

Generation Opportunity — a conservative non-profit focused on young Americans — notes that if “the labor force participation rate were factored into the overall 18-29 youth unemployment calculation, the actual 18-29-unemployment rate would rise to 16.8 percent.”

Generation Opportunity President Paul T. Conway responded to the June 2012 jobs numbers by saying that the numbers show that millions of young adults “are paying the price for the failed policies coming out of Washington that have inhibited economic opportunity and job creation.”

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