Adam Carolla: Obama like a bad Adam Sandler movie

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On the Thursday night broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” comedian Adam Carolla elaborated on an interview he conducted with The Daily Caller’s Jamie Weinstein last month. In that interview, Carolla explained some of the hurdles conservatives have to overcome in Hollywood.

In the appearance to promote his book, “Not Taco Bell Material,” Carolla said there were both pros and cons for President Barack Obama and his associations with Hollywood stars.

“It’s a double-edged sword,” he said, “because there are some celebrities you don’t want backing you. Like if, you know, you are Barack Obama and you don’t want Michael Richards backing you. That would be a problem. You probably don’t want Mel Gibson, but George Clooney is cool.”

“But on the other hand, if you hang out at too many parties with Aretha Franklin and Sarah Jessica Parker and all the celebrities, then you are losing touch with the common man. And then you become ‘the man’ because you are hanging out with ‘the man.’ So, to me, he has got to be careful about just how much hobnobbing he does with celebrities.”

And while O’Reilly pointed out that Obama will likely continue to be the darling of the so-called Hollywood media, Carolla argued that all the positive press in the world will not necessary lead to success. Case in point: Adam Sandler’s latest box office bomb, “That’s My Boy.”

“It isn’t going to hurt,” Carolla replied. “But I mean Adam Sandler came out with a movie two weeks ago that did nothing at the box office. And there were tons and tons of billboards and I saw tons and tons of commercials for it. And I think called ‘That’s My Boy.’ The point is I don’t remember what it was called. But it was a complete and utter disaster at the box office, not because they didn’t have a bunch of positive commercials and a bunch of positive billboards. It’s that people thought, ‘Hmm do we really want to see another crappy Adam Sandler movie?’ And they thought, ‘No.'”

“So, people are a little bit smarter than that. They may think, ‘Do we want a sequel to the Barack Obama movie or don’t we?’”

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