James Carville: Romney’s Mormon religion still a problem

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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In an appearance on WWL radio in New Orleans earlier this week, James Carville surveyed the Romney campaign and said the presumptive GOP nominee still hasn’t overcome the issue of his Mormon religion.

According to Carville, who has a forthcoming book called “It’s the Middle Class, Stupid,” Romney’s reluctance to talk openly about that is keeping him from dominating the campaign against President Barack Obama.

“One of the problems that Romney has honestly is — the thing against him the most is his religion,” Carville said. “And he doesn’t understand the reasons. He doesn’t talk about that. He was a bishop in his church. And he doesn’t talk about the one public office that he held much and that was being the governor of Massachusetts. So, he talks about Bain, but that’s become sort of a big issue in the campaign. He’s got to, you know — if you look at the numbers, Romney should win this campaign.”

“So, I think Romney is going to come out — I think they’re going to recalibrate their strategy a little bit,” he said. “I think they’re going to have to. And he just going to have to be more aggressive talking about some of the things he has done and give people a window into as who he is.”

The best thing for Romney to do, Carville said, would be to highlight his ability to “fix things.”

“I would say, look people are looking for someone that can fix things,” Carville said. “And you got to tell them Romney is that guy. You know, you accomplished that with the Olympics. You actually accomplished that when you were governor of Massachusetts. And you actually accomplished that when you ran Bain.”

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