Obama administration has said ‘not to read too much into’ jobs reports for 30 months

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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It has happened 30 different times over the Obama presidency in response to the monthly jobs report.

An Obama administration official, responding to the monthly jobs report numbers, has written a blog post on the White House website arguing that it is “important not to read too much into any one monthly report.”

“As the Administration stresses every month, the monthly employment and unemployment figures can be volatile, and employment estimates can be subject to substantial revision,” Alan Krueger, the chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, wrote Friday in response to the news that the unemployment rate is still at a disappointing 8.2 percent.

“Therefore, it is important not to read too much into any one monthly report and it is informative to consider each report in the context of other data that are becoming available,” Krueger said.

Only 84,000 jobs were added the economy in June, the Labor Department announced Friday.

In a post online, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign is making hay out of the Obama administration’s repeated usage of the phrase “it is important not to read too much into any one monthly report.”

The campaign listed 30 examples of the administration using the phrase.

“As it turns out, they’ve been encouraging Americans to do that for years,” Romney’s website says. “But after 41 straight months of unemployment over 8%, you don’t have to read between the lines to see the truth. President Obama’s policies have failed to get America working again.”

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