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Today in North Korean weirdness

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The other day, the outside world got to hear Kim Jong-un’s awesome new theme song. And now, the tubby tyrant entertains us once again with a visit from… er… Just watch.

Nothing perks up a musical performance quite like the fear of death.

So what the hell was that all about? NYT:

North Korean state-run television on Monday showed footage of costumed versions of Tigger, Minnie Mouse and other Disney characters prancing in front of the leader, Kim Jong-un, and an entourage of clapping generals…

The appearance of the characters from the United States, North Korea’s mortal enemy, was remarkable fare on tightly controlled North Korean television, which usually shows more somber and overtly political programs. A Disney spokeswoman, Zenia Mucha, had no comment Monday beyond a statement: “This was not licensed or authorized by the Walt Disney Company.”

Disney is notoriously litigious — Remember those day care centers in Florida? — but taking on North Korea might be above their lawyers’ pay grade.

Plus: What’s the deal with that whole deal, Kim?

As with many things in the North’s bellicose and reclusive Stalinist government, Mr. Kim’s rationale was a mystery, but there was a hint that the performance might be significant. An article about the performance by North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency said that Mr. Kim, who took over after the death in December of his father, Kim Jong-il, had a “grandiose plan to bring a dramatic turn in the field of literature and arts this year.”

Ohhhhhhkay then.

As ludicrous as this sort of thing looks to the outside world, there’s something terrifying about it. Just imagine having to serve at the whim of a capricious, megalomaniacal dictator. Imagine being nothing more than a puppet for the amusement of a madman. But enough about Walt Disney.

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