Dennis Miller: Obama ‘might have organized communities, but he’s disrupting this nation’ [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Wednesday night’s “The O’Reilly Factor” during his weekly “Miller Time” segment, radio talker show host and comedian Dennis Miller said he had seen enough of President Barack Obama’s class-warfare campaign strategy.

Miller told Fox News Channel host Bill O’Reilly that the president promotes the idea that being wealthy is wrong, and goes out of his way to divide Americans along these lines.

“I have a friend up in Montecito named Lisa Dabbs,” he said. “She’s a great dame, a lady of letters. And she said to me the other day something that really resonated. She said: Why does he always say ‘rich’ like it is a four-letter word? Why doesn’t he say ‘prosperous’? … and I think this guy is the most divisive president I have ever seen, Billy. And I don’t know what your thoughts are. I mean, you seem to be more fond of him than me.”

“Boy, have you seen the lay of the land more rancorous than it is right now? He has to drop the class warfare. He might have organized communities, but he’s disrupting this nation and he’s got to drop all this class warfare for God’s sakes. I don’t get it.”

O’Reilly said he believes Obama has chosen that strategy because he doesn’t have much else to run on. But Miller said that with the unpopularity of Obamacare, he can’t see Obama being successful despite the polls, no matter what strategy he chooses.

“I don’t know what he can say about Obamacare that hasn’t already been said and it looks like six out of 10 Americans are not into it,” he said.

“I think what says everything about Obamacare is two things, Billy: The people who are most ardently supporting it are going to be exempted from it. And people smell something there. That stinks. Everybody knows that stinks. And the second thing is Obamacare will eventually yield another program called Obamacaid when they suck Obamacare too dry. That is what people know, and I think the polls that show the president doing better? I think people are just sitting at home and they get a call at 6:30 after dinner. They go — somebody says I want to talk to you about your political beliefs and they know your name and phone number. Are you going to tell them anything?”

“It is like a scientologist telling you in this rancorous culture we live in now. I think people are shutting up. The Scott Walker polls didn’t show what happened there and I think there might be a surprise coming down the road.”

O’Reilly noted that in a recent Quinnipiac University poll, Obama was faring well among single women at least, which Miller chalked up as an electoral anomaly.

“Well, young single women always have bad taste in men, don’t they?” Miller replied.

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