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Jesse Jackson, Jr. may or may not be in rehab

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Consider the source, but NBC Chicago says:

NBC News reports that missing Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. has been found.

The 2nd District Congressman reportedly has been In Arizona receiving treatment for alcoholism and addiction in Arizona, according to Andrea Mitchell.

But it could be true anyway.

On the other hand:

A top aide to Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. told TPM on Wednesday that the Illinois Democrat is not in an Arizona facility being treated for alcohol and addiction.

“Not true!” Rick Bryant said in an email, when asked about a tweet from a NBC staffer attributing the information to anchor Andrea Mitchell.

Asked further if Jackson was being treated for alcoholism at all, Bryant responded with the same words: “Not true.”

Which is either a flat-out denial, or it’s a different state and/or a different chemical.

As the guessing game continues, the important thing to remember is that we need to be sympathetic to whatever Rep. Jackson is going through right now, because he is not a Republican.

Update: Now it’s a “mood disorder.” It’s kind of interesting how specific that isn’t.

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