Eddie Murphy is not dead

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Eddie Murphy fans can rest easy knowing that the actor alive and well.

Rumors of Murphy’s death circulated through Twitter Thursday after a false story claimed he had died from a snowboarding accident in the Alps while on vacation with his family in Zermatt, Switzerland, the The Inquisitor reports.

This isn’t the first time death rumors have plagued the comedian. In February, the “Global Associated Press” reported the same story.

The actor, famous for roles such as Prince Akeem in “Coming to America,” the title character the 1998 remake of “Doctor Dolittle,” and Donkey in the beloved “Shrek” franchise, is alive and well. In March, Murphy came out with his latest movie, “A Thousand Words”  and according to IMDb is set to be the voice of Hong Kong Phooey in a live action feature film based on the classic Hanna-Barbara cartoon.

Many other celebrities have fallen victim to death rumors on Twitter, the likes of which include Usher, Vanilla Ice, James Blunt, Paul McCartney, Mr. Bean, Reba McEntire, Adam Sandler, and Robin Williams.

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