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Happy anniversary, KeithOlbermann.com!

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Thanks to my old pal Sean Davis for the reminder:

To be honest, I’d completely forgotten. But yeah! We didn’t announce the happy news about KeithOlbermann.com until a few days later, in an appropriately polite and respectful manner:

Of course, Keith’s reaction was characteristically… Keithy:

Ah, memories!

Wow, two years. Things were so much different back in July 2010. Keith was on MSNBC… Heck, he was on TV at all… Democrats still controlled Congress… Al Gore hadn’t made the colossal mistake of hiring Keith yet…

Oh! Speaking of which, there’s some news on that this week. E! News reports:

Al Gore is about to take an oath, but probably not the one he dreamed of as a little boy.

E! News has exclusively learned that the former vice president of the United States will be deposed in Keith Olbermann’s ongoing breach-of-contract legal battle with his former Gore-helmed cable network, Current TV.

“Al Gore’s deposition has been noticed,” Olbermann’s attorney, Jill Basinger, told E! News.

As it happens, Gore will have plenty of time to prep for his grilling, as the case is currently in the discovery and mediation stage.

Yay! It won’t really get rolling until 2013, but no matter who loses, we all win. And whatever happens, you can read all about it on KeithOlbermann.com!