Kurtz congratulates himself for being name-dropped on HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On his weekend CNN show, Daily Beast Washington bureau chief Howard Kurtz reminded his viewers of his shout out last week on HBO’s “The Newsroom” along with Media Matters, Think Progress and the Columbia Journalism Review, something he seemed quite proud of.

“Now I am a big fan of Aaron Sorkin, and as you may recall, was not a big fan of his HBO series ‘The Newsroom,’ which seemed filled with journalists making self-righteous speeches,” Kurtz said. “Well I’ve warmed to it a little bit. There was one speech I sort of liked as the anchor Jeff Daniels tries to do a more responsible newscast and drops 7 percent in the ratings. Sam Waterston, the news division chief, is defending himself against the suits including the head of the company, Jane Fonda.”

But the CNN host said he wished that Sorkin had sought him out for consultation on his “The Newsroom” program.

“That’s right, Aaron Sorkin is making it seem like I as a media critic have given my august stamp of approval to his brave brand of journalism on this fictional newscast,” Kurtz said. “The sad truth is he never even consulted me. Wouldn’t accept my gracious invitation to come on this program. How do I feel about Sorkin using my reputation to validate his ‘Newsroom?’ Maybe it’s good for a brand. Maybe you can write me into a future plot, Aaron.”

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