Keeping up with the New GM!

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Keeping up with the New Rattnerized GM! Remember all those new products that were going to save General Motors? There’s the new Chevy Malibu! Jack Baruth surveys the literature and concludes: “The media really didn’t want to let anybody know that the new Malibu sucks.” But now the press is giving up the charade. … Don’t forget the New Buick Verano (a fancified Chevy Cruze). It has surged to #118 on the sales charts for the first five months of 2012! … Meanwhile, there are signs of panic in GM’s European operations. The company’s stock is in record low territory. … Note to Obama: Wouldn’t a $4/hour wage cut be helping GM right about now?  The pay would still be good — well over $20/hour. Too bad you didn’t want to anger the UAW. …

Mickey Kaus