Chris Christie quiet about prime speaking slot at GOP convention

Vince Coglianese Editorial Director
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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told reporters Thursday in Trenton that he will not confirm whether he has been selected for a coveted keynote speaker’s position at the upcoming Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.

“Now, listen: Any announcements regarding the Republican National Convention will come from the Romney campaign,” Christie told reporters. “Governor Romney is gonna be the nominee of our party and any announcements he has to make about keynote speaker, first night speaker, vice presidential nominee, and anything else that’ll go on at the convention will come from the Romney campaign.”

“And when they announce it, then you’ll know and I’ll know,” Christie continued. “But, yeah, I’m not going to be confirming or denying anything and I’m not gonna put anything — in broad discussion. You know?”

The governor’s answers followed a New York Post report Wednesday saying that Christie will indeed be giving the keynote speech on the evening of August 28, according to a “top party activist.”

Christie also said he has no concern about potentially overshadowing Mitt Romney’s convention speech, should the New Jersey governor secure a speaking slot.

“Listen, I’ve watched a lot of conventions in my life. I don’t think you take away from the guy who speaks on the last night and has all the balloons drop on top of him,” Christie chuckled. “I think he’ll wind up getting most of the attention, so I’m not really worried about that. And I’m sure Mitt Romney’s not worried about it either, with whoever he picks to speak.”

“I think what he’ll be concerned about is picking the people who can best articulate the vision of the Republican Party for the future of our country, and I think that’s what he’ll focus on.”

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