Mass. governor requests road repairs for Obama re-election fundraiser, first lady visit

In an effort to prevent Michelle Obama from enduring a bumpy ride to a fundraiser at his Berkshire mansion, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick’s office has requested that town officials plug potholes on the road to his residence.

The Boston Herald reports that Patrick’s office requested that Richmond Town Administrator Matthew Kerwood send crews to repair Cone Hill Road, the road to Patrick’s Sweet P Farm, in advance of an August 3rd fundraiser with the first lady benefiting the Obama Victory Fund.

“They just mentioned the condition of the road and requested if it could be addressed,” Kerwood told the Boston Herald, referring to the governor’s office staffer who made the request. “I said, ‘OK, we’ll look at it.”

The road, however, actually lies in the neighboring town of West Stockbridge. Kerwood passed the governor’s request on to West Stockbridge’s town administrator, Mark Webber.

“It’s on the list, but it wasn’t a priority,” Webber said. “That’s one of those spots we had planned to fix. Now we’ll just fix it a couple weeks sooner.”

“It’s not a big deal,” he added. “A couple of tons of blacktop, a couple of hundred bucks.”

According to The Herald’s report, the road appears fine, but both town administrators are on board for the repairs.

A seat at the fundraiser costs $20,000.

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